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Our Founder: ‘Dyno’ Dave Bennet

One day, long ago, gravity, speed, and boy came together when Yella Terra founder ‘Dyno’ Dave Bennet climbed into the soap box derby car he made and careened it down the hill. That day, the seeds for Yella Terra’s need for speed were sewn.

Fast forward fifty years and what started on that hill has grown into a global design and manufacturing system that sources performance parts around the world. Yella Terra and PerfectTune are recognized leaders in the aftermarket performance parts scene bringing top flight power components to enthusiast and professionals alike.

World Class Aftermarket Performance Parts

Yella Terra is a leading supplier of high-performance roller-rockers, cylinder-heads, superchargers, air induction systems and other race grade parts that are made to match your standards in quality and performance.



Our Business


Yella Terra is all about boosting your racing performance beyond your wildest dreams. We know that for you to get the best performance from your set up, you need the right parts, and Yella Terra is your premium supplier for high-quality, high performance aftermarket automotive parts.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, Yella Terra’s “Best in Breed” performance parts are there to power you up and give you the hot performance, torque, and strength you need to get the checkered flag.

Two divisions make up our business, the front running Yella Terra performance products division and the precision machining and manufacturing processes of PerfectTune Engineering.

These two divisions combine to give you the utmost in aftermarket performance parts worldwide. Long recognized as the best available, Yella Terra race performance parts have been extremely successful in the motorsports world. Offering over 500 individual performance parts from roller rockers, alloy cylinder heads, super chargers, to explosion proof flywheels, Yella Terra products put power and speed within your control.

Very few have what it takes to make it in the high performance aftermarket part industry. So Yella Terra takes particular pride in being known as “Best of Breed”. What that means to you is that the high performance racing components you get from Yella Terra are designed and manufactured to exceed the expectations of even the most rigorous race enthusiast.

Perfectune and Yella Terra are synonymous with service for a wide range of industries. Earning a reputation of an efficient and reliable source of automotive components, Yella Terra and Perfectune supply lines reach around the globe in the automotive industries.

With world class engineering and manufacturing, Yella Terra and Perfectune’s success and longevity have come from our solid reputation in the ability to deliver on our commitments and getting it right the first time. That boils down to a solid, race tested reputation that you can take to the bank in bringing your engine up to its highest racing output. That’s the Yella Terra hallmark.






Stand out from the crowd and ruffle a few feathers with our hi-performance engine products. Please select from one of the above product categories to view parts. Opt for Yella Terra originals or choose from our ‘best of breed’ range and we’ll have you bouncing off the limiter, lighting ’em up and sounding sharp.



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